Bitch of a life, bitch of a land
The day that I saw hell be damned !
He was the outcast, he was my brother
Scorned by some, ignored by others
Thirty years hard labor made him a bitter man
Earned him thirty years of chains

See the savage who has no age
Empty, rejected, too old to know
Suffering in silence day after day

Months passed falling apart,
Robbed of all pride, losing heart
Paying his pension for the right to die
Is the only reason they keep him alive
I tried very hard to explain
These bastards have already been paid
He rambles aimless through my mind
Like an animal mad and blind

See the savage who has no age
Too old to know, locked in a cage
Shoulda' told you the story a long time ago

Bitch of a life, bitch of a land
He'll return from hell again
The bitter taste that's in his mouth
Nobody is able to wipe out
I want to hold him very tight
When his spirit leaves without a fight
At fifty he had no time to smile
Cheek them all, laugh and die !
I swear the day that I'm his age
They'll never put me in a cage

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