Thank you for being here with me now
With you seeming like a bird that can't sing, I feel just a bit of pain in my chest

Sometimes I see your face fall in loneliness
I want to know about even your weakness in keeping your kindness inside

Please, tell me why you're so afraid of something happening to me
Please, tell me if there's anything I can do
so that you'll smile

When I touched your hand, it was strange, but
I felt like we'd already met once, somewhere far away

Because I clearly recognize now that
things like knives and hatred just won't break down as long as they exist

Please, don't take away even your sadness
All the days that we've lived so far have left their mark on me
There isn't even one memory I don't need

I want to be brought up with you, spinning our threads, holding each other tight, forever and ever
in the beginning world, the beginning melody

Murmur it one more time, the name of that distant, faraway city
"Please, so it's like you're showing me the way"
I held on tight to it

Please, don't hide away how you're so afraid of something happening to me
Now there's a light we can depend on, but
it's definitely because you're by my side

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