Wrapped inside the gentle light
Of this flowing time where I exist,
The memories of my childhood days
Sway in the far distance.

The scent of flowers, the voice that calls me, the gentle breeze,
All these were precious to me.

Eternal emotions, like spinning threads,
Melt a frozen heart.
Drawing warmth from the daylight moon,
I feel like sleeping.

If someday I wake from this dream,
Will everything disappear?
But my heart will surely still
Search for these precious feelings.

Even if they crossed a thousand skies,
I could never forget those words.

Eternal emotions, they shine,
As I gaze in your eyes.
When you trust in this dream,
You become a little stronger.

Someday, these eternal emotions will come together,
Gathered in these overflowing tears.
When I recognize this love,
I become a little stronger.

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