Oh my dear Conchetta
I am here to call you
To invite to out
To manjare co me

Let's eats some brachola
Provolone, rondeli,
'N on the Radiola
Andrea Bocelli

Afterwards some pizza
California style
Tutti mezza à mezza
We eat out and smile

Conchetta, my love
Remember that day, that day we went to Grupo's Sergio Restaurant
And you said to me, your bitch, you said to me:
"Let's make love! Let's make love in my beliche!"
And I said:
But right now that I mix Mushroom with Aliche
You came and said about making love and sex
I have a big pain in my duodenum"
You said: "Come on, take a sal de fruta Eno"
And the pain was growing bigger, growing bigger and I said to the Waiter

No, no more Spaguetti
hold the Escarola
take the Capeletti
Oh shit's Gorgonzola

Bring me Sal de fruta
Dio, Jesus Maria
All this pastaciutta
Gave me Diarrhea...

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