Why am I Here? Why all the pain?
All my friends they pass like rain
Look at the people running around
Praying to the sky from six feet down

No one cares I'm better off dead
Oh, no, no, no...so alone better off dead

Life is short, death is dark
Now I'm gone I made my mark
I have no fear but fear has me
It's hopeless now so leave me be

The lights are out so no ones home
I'm just merely boots and bones
I'm cold and blue it ain't no fun
All is dead and all is done

No one cared so I'm better off dead
Oh, no, no, no
So alone, better off dead
You never cared, you never cared
So I'm better off dead
Oh, no, no, no, I'm so alone

Today there ain't no sun (no sun)
Tomorrow won't bring no rain
I've swallowed so much life
Now it's time to taste all that pain

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