You know we never, we never ever liked da Bears
The lions or the Buccaneers
We hate the Vikings
But you know we love the pack
The green n' gold is back
We're just the Cheeseheads
We're not on crack

We never, we never ever miss a game
We love the packer hall of fame
Up in green bay
South of Menominee
And the old UP
Home of the Yuppers

Pre chorus:
Cause baby we'll be
Out at Lambeau
Maybe the Shopco
Piggly Wiggly
Fishing out on Winnebago
Down the corner bar
Sunday bingo
And baby… talkin' Packers with me

You know it's Sunday, and Sunday is a holy day
From Milwaukee up to green bay
And Polaski
Just east of Kaukauna
Neenah Menasha
Or up in Wausau

Pre chorus


Pre chorus

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