· BRET MICHAELS (from poison)
I'm a man, standing on solid ground.
Pretending to be hard as rock.
Well, I'll soon be falling, cause I'm all alone.
So I keep on searching for your magic touch.


I know I left you with an emptiness.
But your the one thing that keeps me going.


Wake me up in the morning I wanna hear you
call my name.
I need to hear that phone ring and have my
angel say "are you coming home when are
you coming home to fill my dreams?"

I meet a few woman along the way.
Seemed like a small small price I had to pay.
And if I had to do it over, I wouldn't change a
Except for missing my sweet love each and every day.


Again I left you with a loneliness.
And your everything that keeps me going.

Chorus: 1 x


I never promised you tomorrow and I can't
change yesterday.
So I keep on moving, keep on moving and waiting for
the day.
As I kneel down n' pray, pray, pray, pray for
me to wake you up in the morning

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