Young Mothers....(That's right)

[Tupac talking] I feel ya (hey...), I know how it is
Mamas just a little girl..just a little girl
dont nobody understand, I feel ya

Verse 1:
She was born a heavy set girl with pigtails and curls
A heart full of gold still it won't change the world
Though, she could never understand why,
some underhanded plans, witness a man die,
Was only 15, shoulda been a beauty queen, still
See her crying by the caskets when her parents got killed
Little girl, dont cry, Cause even though they died,
You can best believe they watchin over thee from the sky
Never asked for this misery, but look at what you gettin
its a blessin in disguise, when ya find out ya pregnant
no money, no home and even though you all alone,
you got to do this on your own, so baby go, i wish you luck
And if you need me, call, just come to me, let me feed you all
I can understand, the way it feels when ya fightin the world
Facin' all this drama, when mama's just a little girl

Mama...dont know why...mamas just a little girl
Even if she is a knight...
Time aint on her side, cause mamas just a little girl
(Tupac: Mamas just a little girl)
She gotta hold her head up high, ohhh

Verse 2:
At 16, what a beautiful thing
The very essence of a jet black ebony queen
And who could tell, she'd get pregnant at an early age?
She didnt listen, had sex, watch her belly raise
Heyyyy, got vialated by someone she dated
If this is fate, I hate to see the seed she created
And so we waited, though it takes build a body and a mind
She reclines, 9 months, then finally its time
What do we find? Little grown boy, ya mind, what a torchered soul
Addicted to a life of crime, had no time for the growin' stage
He learned his values on the streets at an early age
Watch for Po lice, dont come home (why?)
Cause mama's actin crazy at the hospital
Bout' to have another baby, like the rose from the concrete
Growin' within, Blessed with twins,
how the hell can mama raise three men?
So we began, close as family, such insanity, a happy home
From one act of inhumanity, plus mama said the seed was currupted
Used to rub her belly, beggin us to breath if she love us
Now mama sites quiet, sippin' peppermint Schnapps
Turn the house into a spot and made her watch for cops
Hey, how can mama bring a thug like me in this world?
She aint the cause of all the drama (Why?), cause mama's just a little girl
(Stupid motherfuckers dont know)


Verse 3:
Now, will she remains same spot?
The gunshots rain, they came from the 'cain spot
Now, look her, I see her clutchin her son
In her arms you hurt, her heart bleed
Now, she watch her seed die in the dirt
Fullfilled prophecies, but who could stop the grief?
I walk around, tryin to hold the world up on top of me
I'll probably be an innocent man, still I'm a victim of a curse
What could be worse? Nothin but pain since my birth
Only fuctions at the pen, cause everybodies in
Payin' back society, I'm gulity of a life of sin
I watch the drama occur, my eyes blurred
Before I jet it, I wonder why we all have to die, before we get it
Though, we shed tears, so many peers I done buried
Worried and scared, knowin' Imma see the cemetary
Must be prepared in this cold world, no one cares
No it aint fair but we all bear and do our share
in this land of the underhanded schemes and plans
Vivid dreams of a nigga havin' G's in hand
Mama told be not to be a punk
Fuck what you talking about, coward, what you niggaz want? (hey)
Their aint a thing I woulnd't do for my mama in this world,
cause you know I aint mad at cha, your just a little girl
See mamas, just a little girl

Outro (Chorus repeated in background):
They ask us why we mutilate each other like we do
They wonder why we hold such little worth for human life (Facin' all this drama)
To ask us why we turn from bad to worse,
is to ignore from which we came
You see, you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged
On the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity
We would all love its will to reach the sun
Well, we are the roses, this is the concrete,
And these are my damaged petals.
Don't ask me why. Thank God, nigga. Ask me how.

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