[Tupac] {talking}

These are hard times we livin' in, churches burnin',
planes fallin' from the
sky, murder, the good die young,(chuckle) the good
definatly die young. This is
just a little something to help you get through the
day, if it could.

Verse 1: [Tupac]

It was, more than a tragedy, emotions be grabbin' me,
Plane fell from the sky, we tryin' to figure what
Burnin' churches, fearin' God, Who could be so cruel?
We all ignorant to AIDS, 'till it happens to you,
Just be a man, make plans, listen to your voice,
A woman's tryin' to make decisions, we should leave
'em a choice.
'Cause who are we to say who lives or dies, breathes
or stops?
All these judgements on other lives, needs to stop,
What are we livin' for? Givin' more back than takin',
On my knees still waitin' for my own salvation,
Now I feel abandoned, 'cause Pat Buchanan say I'm
You can take my taxes, send me to war, but can't feed
It's so easy to regret things, after they done,
Babies catchin' murder cases, scared to laugh in the
The tragedy is that we all need, love in doses,
It's times like these, we feel closest, the good die

[Yafeu Fula]
Does anybody have an answer why,
It seems the good die young?
Can anybody tell me why?
Can anybody tell me why?

[Tupac] {talking in background}
The good die young, it's times like these we feel
closest. The good die young,
rest in peace, God bless the dead. Can we carry on?
The good die young, the
good die young. Now we hear from the future, the next

Verse 2: [Napolean]

How in the world will it get worse? When I been
trapped since birth,
But I had to sleep in the hearse, 'cause it was my bed
My grands probably burnin',turnin, in the graves,
Some folks ain't even get to see a high age,
But they did, so I ain't afraid,
And this money got me feelin' like a star,
And this murder got me feelin' like my death ain't
In the land of stardom and cars,
Don't get better, don't get weaker, or no, harder,
I was raised in the rush without my moms, and my,
So tell me somethin', if i grab my gat and get to
Will God get to lookin' at me, funny? Ha
Rest in peace to my mother, Aquillah Beale
Rest in peace to my father, Salek Beale
Rest in peace to my grandparents,
And thug in peace to my brother Seike,
You know I love you.

Verse 3: [Young Noble]

Which is worse, fist Storm and then Al, Pac and then
Reverend Brown, could've swore I saw yo' face in the
Family grievin' on yo' last breath,
Close to the heart, whether you know it or not,
I swear the love won't stop,
Jewel, thats my boo, Mom, Duke, and Lou,
From jump, you kept it true, helped to feed the crew,
The good die young, livin' fast jumpin' the gun,
Momma blamin' the community fo' killin' her son,
My cousin' Darin wasn't scared of goin',
But never knowin' he would die slower,
I guess I'll see you when I see you soulja.


Verse 4: [Kadafi]

I know my life ain't promised, that's why the wise
move in silence,
Analyze these scandolous times, it's hard dawg but we
Schools turn to war zones, even homes unsafe,
Leavin' children to play caged, and raged to hate,
How come? Someone explain, why the good die young,
Why the bad die slow, and outlive everyone?
It's time somethin' is done, for our young kids,
They growin' hopeless and that ain't the way to live,
Tell me why.

Verse 5: [E.D.I. Amin]

Days goin' pass, and as they pass time moves with it,
No time for wastin', put your hustle down my young
'Cause the end is nearin', but at least thats what
they, tellin' me,
Hell all I know brutha's ain't ridin' fo' 3 felonies,
It's time to plan, plot, stratagize, capatalize,
We in the war y'all, it's for all of y'all,
My family, to the ones who stand me,
Little bit mo' love is reccomended,
And it's plain to see, the seeds from you and me,
Goin' be the ones to lead us, towards unity,
That's if we treat 'em right, man, teach 'em right,
Raise yo' kids better than you was, and see what it
But if you don't, man we'll surely be done,
And we'll all see exactly why the good's dyin' young.

(Chorus)(till fade)

[Tupac] {talking}

You ain't lyin' man, the good die young.The good die
young, I send this out to
all my homeboyz who passed away, and all yo' homeboyz
who passed away. I send
this out to all the folden, fallen, souljas that's in
the cemetaries buried,
never got to see they dreams. For everything I touch,
you touch. For every step
I take, you take. For every breath I breath, you
breath. Every dollar I make,
you make(chuckle). I told you we'd make it to the
sunshine one day, you just
got there a little quicker. But like my homeboyz, the
(Bone)Thugs say, I'll
catch you at the crossroads. The good die young.
Oklahoma, little young
Xzanapher, Tasha Harlans, all the fallen kids, the
dead babies, the closed

[Napolean] {talking}

This song is dedicated, to all them kids who died
innocent and died young, at
Columbine High, rest in peace, Outlawz.

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