Breakin' up is so hard to do,
To bye a love that you knew.
To walk away with a broken heart again,
Is sometimes hard to understand.
But what can you do, that's the way it is,
Try to hold on cause even this
Is a way to make you know,
A way to know.

Love, what a funny thing,
It can bring you up and down and sing.
Make you feel like a clown in the rain,
Just play the rules of the game.
Sometimes you win, but you can also loose,
That's the nature of what you choose.
So now you're breakin' up,
But don't stop, don't stop.

Make up your mind and start again,
I'm sure you'll find a new boyfriend.
Find a plan and then do it right,
Don't decide after overnight.
Everybody has a time of life now to break-up,
Just remember always to make up.
Come back to what you know,
Go, go !

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