Can you tell me where you go if you know it,
Is it a oneway street, then show it.
You're not happy and you're not satisfied,
Not comfortable, you're uptight.
Do you wanna go left, do you wanna go right,
What's the best way to win this fight.
Only one satisfaction,
A runaway-train in action.

Stop, look and listen, will you,
I've got something right here for you,
Take the tools and play the game,
Make the rules and no shame.
The situation is a hardcore-scene,
So don't underestimate.
Believe me cause I know what you mean,
Take a break to see what you create.

Do no fear, call my name and I will be here,
Just open up and see clear,
It's just a way to say
My name is X and I'm a runaway.
No time to think what you're looking for,
Here it is but you still want more.
So now you take a hike,
You don't deal with a thing that you don't like.

Give it up, take it up,
make the best of life and just don't stop.
An easy way without traces,
yeah, I see it in their faces.
Tell me all on your mind,
don't leave a small thing behind.
Still wanna know how to get away,
and make it done in the best way.

Runaway, runaway, runaway,
just make my day,
do you know what you're proving, proving.
Runaway, runaway,
just make my day,
think about what you're moving, moving.

Where you gonna stay,
When you run away, when you run away?
What you gonna say,
About the way you play, when you run away.

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