Breathe in and reach in
For anything that will not let you go
Take me and hold me
Think of all the people that you know
We’ve been staring down the barrel of a gun
But we found hope and comfort
In everyone
Everything comes to an end
But who knows what tomorrow will stand
We must wait for a sign
But be patient with time
Until then, we can start again
Leaving, so stranded
Without a way of finding its way back
But if it will do, it’s meant to
In no time, it will be sitting where you sat
And the rain keeps coming
Trying to wash away the sun
But we still found hope and comfort
In everyone
Well you could say
Our time has come
And I could stay here on my own
Or you could say
Welcome home, darling
This weather kills and foreign sky
Not shooting my lover’s eye (?)
It always takes me by surprise, darling

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