Someone get the doctor, gypsy woman weave your magic spell
Shaman do your rain dance, looks like Mother Earth is mad as hell

Where you gonna run when the lightning strikes?
How you gonna put out the fire?
Flying like a moth to the brightest light, burning on the road of desire - huh

Red man sitting waiting, watching Adam's garden go to seed
Dancing with the devil
He knows you're gonna have to let that ole' scratch lead

Tell me, what you gonna do when it all goes down
And there ain't another piece of the pie?
Old ways got to be the best ways now to pull our fats out of the fire

Who will inherit the wind when the shadows fall?
Winner takes nothing, nothing at all

Sparks on the horizon, smell the rain that's coming on the wind
Prophet give a warning, pray before the fireworks begin

Better stay away from the white man's road, better not touch what you find
Medicine man will be carrying the load, turning back the hands of time

(chorus repeats 2x)

There's no time, hmmm no time at all
Hear that clock ticking, feel you breathing down my neck, I tell you why

'Cause we're a far cry from putting it right, and we're a stone's throw away
There's a cold wind that's gonna blow on you tonight, evil spirits keep away
Yeah yeah yeah!


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