Ruby can't talk to your face
Cause the moment he does he begins to shudder
Ruby, he feels out of place
Says he thinks that it stems from his dad and mother

But Ruby can talk to the man on the moon
Says the man on the moon, he listens
That's more than he can say that his dad ever did
Though he never meant no harm, right on

Ruby ain't got no money in the pocket of his pants
Held together with scotch tape
And Ruby cuts his funky hair by himself
Modeled after pictures of his guitar hero, Jimmy Page

Ruby got plans 'bout movin' to the city
Movin' out of his broken down trailer
Livin' at a place where he don't stick out
And where Ruby can do no wrong,

I said... Right on, Ruby kid

What ya gonna do just to make it all better
Well, whatever it is, you got to do what you please
Who ya gonna look to to get yourself together
So ends the story of Ruby, kid

Ruby can't make up his mind
He's been waitin' on a line 'bout his sexual preference
His girlfriend, she couldn't care less
And the boys... well, the boys will be boys

But Ruby can stare at the clouds and pretend
It's alright and forget his sorrow
And Ruby can sleep good tonight
'Cause he knows that there'll
Always be tomorrow,

I say... Right on, Ruby kid

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