Old man on a red park bench
Sitting here next to me
Started talking bout the love he lost
He said boy don't end up like me
I'm sitting here by myself
Because of what I never said
Pay attention son listen close
You gotta get this though your head

Oooh, don't let her slip away
Oooh, say I love you every day

I finally found her and it feels so good
I gotta lotta love in this heart
She's a beauty and she's teaching me
To stop and look up at the stars
I gotta show her what she means to me
So she'll know
That I love her more than anything
And I'm never gonna let her go

Oooo, I won't let her slip away
Oooo, I'll say I love you every day

So let somebody know
Cause we all need to know that someone loves us every day

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