Bitches be packin' da place
The feces produce a haze
I do a line on my dick
Niggas be gettin' amaz'd

Bitches be sayin they goth
Drawin' shit bats on a cloth
Droppin' deuces in a cauldron
They turn they's shit into broth

Niggas be chuggin' it large
They sayin' satan is lord
I drop dat bitch like a tree
And drop a log on her god

A flow of diarrhiver
Oh shit i'm so hardcore
Float in a boat of corpses
With solid shit for an ore

A bitch be sayin' i'm cuckoo
I fill her pussy with doo-doo
She be like "aquaplay"
Don't get it all on my moo moo

My poo is bilingual
So get it all while you can
It's just as pure evil
I'm just a mile away

Satanic flowers
Your mouth is full of ants
I'm necrophilia fan
And your corpse is the best

Smoking trees
With leonardo di caprio
Eating mushuroons
Like a super mario

This party is so cool
Like naked transgender
I get a hard on
Because i'm touching my member

Drinking bourbon
From a ladyboy's ass
This party is so nasty
So lets smoke some crack

Seeing tits bouncing in the air
Is raining cum on your head?
Jihad is killing them bad
I really wish i was dead
Who wants to make them mad?
So wolverine is as fag
Sex with bacon and eggs
I'm the whore and this is my quest

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