[Master P]

My potna gave me $50, put me in the game,
I been slangin weed then I moved up to cane
Pushin dem bouldas, slangin dem quarters,
I got em 2 for 3, god dammit, I'm a balla!
Pushin in weight, from state to state,
Niggaz ridin dirty, on my mobile phone, it's U.G.K.
Pimp C said, "P, what's really goin on?"
I said what's really happenin, he said, "I
gotta pocket full of stones!"
Now P be dat new kid on the block
36 O-Z's choppin up rocks in my rock shop
And label me a drug deala, just anotha hard nigga,
Rest in peace to 2Pac, and the rest of ya'll thug niggas.
Playaz hookin up, tryin to make work,
Sendin work from FedEx to UPS trucks
Now P livin lavish, caviar and cabbage
peppers and beans, and grits and cabbage
Down South hustlin, ballin, slangin
Niggaz teamin up, some niggaz gangbangin
Used to drink 40s, now it's mowhet
Used to roll cutlass, now it's benzes and vets
?Becketts? on my fingaz, Rolex watches,
Hoes on the block, bounce that azz, I mean pussy poppin
Label me an alien, just like Outkast
Cause I made my money from the ghetto and I did it fast
Cause I'm bout it, ya'll know I'm rowdy,
Ask Big Mo and John Henry if ya'll doubt it
Hooked up with 8-ball and MJG
Cause we tryin to get a meal ticket from these streets

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