Pimp C:

Uh...whuuuut (hehe)
Smoke somethin', bitch...smoke somethin'...

Pimp C:

I'm up early 'cause my nigga
Don't sell dope after night time.
Love choppin' blades, rollin' hooptie
'N move the dope through the pipeline
Pimp C, bitch...holla at yo' bitch,
Now yo' bitch on my team;
Got her buyin' us sticky green
Lace some with promythazine
Candy sweets, a candy bitch,
You lookin' at a candy boy.
I done came down Main and popped trunk;
Hit the switch on my candy toy.
We all young ghetto boyz,
That's why we act this way.
Tryin' to see a million dollars,
Hopin' these niggas don't blast today.

Bun B:

Pro smoke, pro choke,
Anti-broke, conservative liberal
Left-wing slangin', right-wing hangin'
In criminal court, it's civil.
In the middle of re-al-it-y
Unsolved mys-ter-ies riddle,
Knockin' over fat cats,
And gettin' my thoughts off bits and kibbles.
On note pads I scribble,
Write rippers that'll make you think.
Snap so hard it'll break your synchronicity,
Fuck it, take it, trick,
I fake it...blink 'n poof
We disappearin' into a shroud of dozier
Cloud composures, all-nighters like Folger's
But, bitch, I tried to told ya...

Chorus: (Pimp C)

Rollin' Seville (rollin' Seville),
Grippin' my steal (grippin' my steal),
My Tahoe real, man, I'm workin' wood wheel.
Sedan DeVille (sedan DeVille),
House on the hill (house on the hill),
Countin' up my scrill, bitch, I'm workin' wood wheel.
Nigga, how you feel (nigga, how you feel),
I feel so trill (I feel so trill),
Might pop me a pill, bitch, I'm workin' wood wheel.
House on the hill (house on the hill),
Marijuana fields (marijuana fields),
Grippin' my steal, bitch, I'm workin' wood wheel.

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