My little sister's got the tv blues
There's nothing you can do
She's gonna cry on saturday night
Christmas, sunday too

Tv detector van coming down the street
Tv detector man took away our tv

Now my little sisters got the tv blues
They say it's tough on you
[?] comes up next week
There's nothing we can do

Sister stays in bed all day
There's nothing left to see
I guess i'll have to get a job
To pay for another tv

Now my little sister's got the tv blues
My sister's got tv blues

My little sister's got the tv blues
Daddy's got them too
If you can't get the money to pay the fine
You know what they're gonna do

40 days in brixton
Puts the shit on the family
I guess you wouldn't credit this
For watching your own tv

My little sister's got tv blues [x4]

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