The irony is killing me
You twist the knife but not to bleed
The game you play is growing old
Give unto them and leave me cold

Rip my flesh of dignity
Break my heart and set me free
Drag me down to depths unseen
Twist the knife, make me bleed

Hating, lying, fearful you
Living life is killing you
Dethroned, depraved, you're starving and scared
Searching hopelessly, choking on air

Scar your arms and wear them proud
Grin through pain and numb yourself
What you call life is truly death
Sinking lower to the depths

You're digging further for the end
The final place to rest your head
You'll search for all eternity
The bottom lies beyond your reach

You'll find your place, patient, wise
You're find your solace if you try
Leave the past behind in tears
Turn your eyes to bright future

Forgive yourself for all the pain
Understand you're not to blame
The demons choked, the angels lied
Break free from the chains inside.

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