Waiting for the light to change when the wind stopped, i got worried suddenly
Around the point when i passed the intersection i wanted to see you suddenly
Tell me a number, not '110', that's just yours
I promise that i won't call you except for emergencies

Such a disturbing little wolf-girl
Save me please, doctor
My heart starts getting painful all at once

Let me hear you right now, right now
Send me further, even further
I test your love on the fly
Can i believe you tonight?

Recite the secret incantation
And knock on my door
Come here before the performance starts
Take it or leave it tonight

I always run away when i want to be captured
I'm the best at falling into my own traps
Sometimes that can be attractive, you know
Just for today, i'll forget my games and ring your bell

The conclusion of the wolf-girl
Save me please, hunter
Just before my voice stops carrying at all

Notice me faster than anyone else
Just one more time, believe in me
I swear that this is my very last lie
Can you believe me tonight?

Recite the secret incantation
And open up my door
Stay here until the narration ends
Take it or leave it tonight

Come a little early
And you'll wait for me
Soon we'll be
So happy

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