What a day, young boy next door passed away
Oh it makes me wanna say
I dont wanna waste another day
Can you and i start mixing gene pools
Eastern, western people
Get naughty multilingual
I was sort of soul searching
But your body's so jaw-dropping
Our chemistry's groundbreaking
Dont keep me waiting

Hurry up baby
Hurry up baby
Let me give you my love
Hurry up
Lets turn this room into a melting pot
Giddy up baby
Giddy up baby
Let me give you my love
Buckle up, boy
I know you're gonna like what i got

Maybe it's not worth the wait
Maybe i should walk away
I dont wanna waste my energy
Can you and i stop acting like fools
Or move on to other poeple
Its funny but i d like to settle

I was sort of like soul seaching
But your body's so jaw-dropping
Some say its rulebreaking
But times are changing


Let me know if what im feeling isnt mutual
All i know is that i am feeling very very hot hot hot

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