I'm watching late night programming
with blue eyes
No matter how many channels I flip through
I can't shake off that glance

No matter how many times
I look into the fridge, it's the same answer
The one I'm used to hearing
The time limit is before my very eyes
But I need more time, so
Let me be

Oh no, this is a parody
But it's my life story
Without even waiting for me
The clock pretends to know nothing
I know that there are many stories
But for me, it's my life story
I'm not imitating anyone else
and I'm going to write the continuation

On the highway going in the same direction
as everyone else
It's just by coincidence
When suddenly there's a split in the road

Hurry up to the seventh floor, please
This elevator is suprisingly small
Since no one else is around I can breath easy
Set me free from this feeling

Oh no, everything's a parody
But for anyone, it's a true story
Even though you're powerless,
You pretend you don't need anything
I know we are much the same
But we just compete with each other
Without putting forth much effort,
I'm going to read the continuation

Oh no, this is probably also a parody
And to a stranger, definately a fake story
I can only wear my shoes
But I can walk like that, so it's okay
I know that there are many stories
But for me this is a real story
Without waiting for the continuation
I'm going to see you

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