Step over the mountains, cross the sea, jump over the guard rail. Now, the same shadow from before Is somehow coming to this city. I don't know disappointment, but something isn't right. Who is calling to me to come here?

Tokyo nights! I haven't found it yet, But I'm loking for real freedom. It shines! Tokyo nights! Love is hard to find. Keep waiting for your encounter with Fate; You're still young.

Open the window, stare at the morning, Give the flowerpot some water. Sometimes I, too, dry up from speaking And wish for silly things. Meeting a time-limit is just silly nonsense. Who is stopping you from coming here?

Tokyo nights! Since the first time I've always shared the light, as it continued to burn out. Tokyo nights! Baby what's my price? I want to go back with someone on this side. I want to go back!

I want to dream on sleepless nights. Now I truly understand freedom. What are you looking at, "Lonely eyes"? Don't you know either? Please just stay by my side for a little longer. Please stay!

I want to hide. Like a baby, I honestly feel like hiding a hole in a building. The moon--for example--isn't here, Just like my mother's warm whisper, In the lights of the city.
Tokyo nights...

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