Memories shelter me
In the wind cold digs in,
Feels like New York again,
No sleep till midnight,
My lips still sewn tight,
A lullaby couldn't put me to sleep tonight.


(And I run faster through this disaster
And I run faster through my disaster)
Hold me now, Hold me now,
I beg the thorns come out,
Hold me now, hold me down,
I belong here I'm home now,
It's a long way down a long way down,
So you said go now.


And I'm moving on like a little girl.
Oh, I'm crawling through.
I know your gone now so much for honesty,
But don't you dare take pity on me.
And you think it's all my fault,
Well the tables will turn and in the end you'll always get burned,
Like a little girl.


Little girl why don't you give him what he wants
Give him what he's been waiting for his whole life.

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