Me and my baby on a February holiday
'cause we got the news
500 miles but we're gonna make it all the way
We got nothing to lose
Been ten years waiting
But it's better late than the never we've been told before We can't wait one minute more

Oh me and my baby driving down
To a hilly seaside town in the rainfall
Oh me and my baby stand in line
You never seen a sight so fine as the love that's gonna shine at city hall

Me and my baby been through a lot of good and bad
Learned to kiss the sky
Made our mamas cry
Seen a lot of friends
After giving it all they had lay down and die
Ten years into it
Here's our window at the Vegas drive-thru chapel
Ain't too much for 'em all to handle

Oh me and my baby driving down
Outside they're handing out donuts and pizza pies
For the folks in pairs in their folding chairs
My baby's looking so damn pretty with those anxious eyes, rain-speckled hair, and my ring to wear
Ten years waiting for this moment of fate
When we say the words and sign our names
If they take it away again someday
This beautiful thing won't change
Oh me and my baby driving down

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