Ride on
Glide down
Hide out
My flyweight love, flyweight love

Took a train to the stubborn coast
Off-season towns half-shuttered
Said hello to the rising breeze
Made a note of the setting sun
We fell asleep in our three-day clothes
One tilted head on the other
Felt a hand like the hand of god
Heard a voice like a seed of song

Ride on

Took a crowd down the avenue
To send a senator home right
Going viral on the handheld screen
I’m the diode, you’re the kerosene
We’re separate circles in a crowded hall
Debating this debating that and then another
And then the scent of you alighting on my shoulder
Hey there, oh hi, hey there, oh hi, oh my

Out loud, go on and sing it out loud
Go on and sing it out loud
We wanna be a flyweight love, flyweight love

And now
The years surprise us
How all our times apart
Have become our vows

Took a flight far across the globe
Found a calling sweet as a lover
Through the wilderness you find in me
You are in love with all the world
And in the evening I arise
When the sun creeps on your covers
Here I am
Here you are
Breathing a hello
My flyweight love, flyweight love

Took a train to another coast
Took our time and the time has flown
Oh you never have belonged to me
Or should I say not to me alone

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