Landsailor, landsailor, sail on time
Rain or shine, I know you can
Cloudraker, cloudraker, share your finds
All your wonders at my demand

Tamer of night
Blossom of hours unleashed
Make me a lawbender
All equalized
Saved from the chill and heat
Your power flows through me transformed
Here’s where I was born

Deepwinter strawberry
Endless summer, ever spring
A vast preserve
Aisle after aisle in reach
Every commoner made a king

Noble and prized
Feed me beyond my means
Hello worldmaker
Never denied
Build all my wildest dreams
But there’s a storm outside your door
And I’m a child no more

Headless and faceless
Tireless and seamless behind these walls
This is my progress
When you don’t notice my lines at all
I split the world open
Delve ever deeper in my alchemic arts
I crack the ciphers to free up your mind, your life, your heart

Oh landsailor (I’m your landsailor)
In the bed that we’ve made
May every nail be shown
Great lifebringer
The price that we pay
Time that you made it known
I want to be your bride in full (oh be my bride in full)
Shield my eyes no more (shield your eyes no more)
Oh I am altered now for good
Shield these eyes no more

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