At the end of rainy days you're startled and amazed
But nothing ever seemed to fit
So turn away cuz this is it
You're running out of things to say
You hide but you can't run away
And I won't be the one to love you when nothing turns out right
You're getting tired of hangin' around
So disappear without a sound
You go around, you're living lies
But it could never be disguised that you, the cause of all my sorrows
You don't have a lot to say
You can't see the sun in your bright day
There's a thousand ghosts inside your mind and soul that never died
When bridges burn your city down you'll disappear without a sound
And after all you've ruined how do you not know what's coming to you now?
And I won't be the one to tell you all the things I wanna say
I'll just turn and look the other way
And you, you have a lot to live for
But when nothing turns out right
I won't be the stars in your dark night

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