You're my guy
You fuck me all the time
I'm lonely every night
Don't know what you want from me
My heart is broken
Can't you see that i'm a mess?
I second guess myself
I need mental help
When i look into yr eyes you make me smile but tell me lies
I can't believe the words you say
Wanna wanna run away
I wanna run but i can't even walk so i'm sitting down
Not knowing how to talk to you
When you see me on the street i never want our eyes to meet
So now i'm locked behind the door
Don't know what i'm livin' for
And you don't even seem to care at all
You don't even seem to care at all
Yeah i'm your girl
And i should go to hell
There's no one you won't tell
So now you stand in front of me
I've opened up for you to see
My black heart and my empty mind are all that you can stand behind
Love ya though you love to see me fall
And you don't even seem to care at all
Yeah, you're my guy

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