There's nothing to be spoken, there's nothing that is broken
But something in my mind is out of place
The threads of life are woven, with so few we have chosen,
The past is gone, the future still remains
A distance soon is growing, we're reaping and we're sowing,
The choices that we've made are not in vain

I sense a new beginning, our LIVES (paths) are slowly shifting
We find ourselves in such dynamic states

The status quo is fading fast* "steyduss kwow"
Our present has become our past
Can we escape what's truly meant to be?
It's killing me, what can i do?
The thought of acquiesing you
Means first the thought of acquiesing me "äkwiassing"
I cannot grasp tomorrow, without confronting sorrow,
And letting go of so much i've become
The future, unregretting, my focus, unrelenting
I know the journey's only just begun

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