Hey mr wallace christopher that is yu said it best more money more problems

I wish yu had more time to write a streeet bible , thats y i can relate to most of your songs in yur list but dammm .

They took a important nigga out , y they tryna take me out im jus gettin money right now in this rap droute.

Aww man . thats y i watch my tounge & hold my mouth so i dnt say the wrong thing , no wat im tlkin bout .

Brokklyn niggas fxqq wit me , queens niggas fxqq wit me , xman manhattan staten island niggas fxqq wit me .

Man i aint mad at yu , yu diesect my wrds wrong , i meet yu wen yu had yur 1st hit song

Thats back in the deff jam days been was fxqqin wit yu , u told me lil nigga hold on jus be strong , & 1 day yu goin be on .

I turn shit on niggas dissin me tell me my career is short term .

Put my head fones on got, in my zone , on my macaulay culkin shit cuz im all alone .

Close my eyes im piccasso cus im paintin shit. i aint gonna stop til im stankin rich , plain as shit .

Q borough bowl a superthourle . true religions , v neck , & some h's on in summa time
Fxqq that shit boy its dinna time ,

I eat a rap nigga ass up, if yu tryna to blcok my grindd

I aint hard to find shawty man im evry wher

I herd yur son wear head gear man thats real beef .

I put yu 6 feet under earth , a couple of millions is wat a niggas worth

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