Im just thugging in the club with my squad , bitch we deep
If a nigga jump stupid then its two things
Hands and feet
If i holla squad up like football bitch we blitzen
All hell finna break loose , this the anthem

Fuck the club up
Fuck the fuck the club up ( what )
(4 x 's)

Who ,who ,who ,who
Wassup ,wassup ,wassup ,wassup
( 2x's)

Bitch im drunk

Shawty im tired of these lame niggas talking shit

Im finna swang
My whole clique rowdy , man down bricksquad off the chain
I bet i knock his ass out with this wine punch
This homeboy looked like he wanted it so my dawg dropped him
Security think im down shawty but they dont really want it
My whole clique jumping up and down like yall dont want it
Pill and weed sorting out my mind
Niggas saying they looking for me

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