Yo Flocka
What these niggas doin?
See this just a sample man
We was gonna get back together
(don’t take back the song no matter how you judge this)
DuFlocka Rant: Half-Time Show
I’m in lyric school right now
It’s just the Half-Time Show
Sit back, relax
We ridin right now
Broken Era
That’s another man, you know it
Brick Squad Monopoly nigga
Waka, let’s go

I started from the bottom on my way up
Lotta niggas acting like they really fucking tough
But I know they ain't 'bout that life, they earning them stripes
Boy, that's just their height, get up all their white
I don't really think he really 'bout what he saying, what he talkin' about
Grady got me Riverdale, I really made my name, bro
Never fucking changed, bro
This one for my niggas in the chain, get throwing sets, though
GROBE, I'm so OG they know it's me
300 K running down your street, I walk, I talk, I ain't pounding
All these bad bitches around me, sold out shows all across the globe
When I'm MB more or DC, all my music just go, go
So many bitches sliding down the pole with no clothes, 'about to doze off
I mean stadium, eating fast our mills, you 200 I'm 2 mil
Keep it 200 I'm too ill
Nigga save the pot at midnight, this is just a sample for niggas who live that
The time they always show me love 'cause I have that
‘Cause I’m too real, I’m too real
Too real, too real

Ayo Waka
Yo Flocka
This shit just different man
We cruising right now
MTG nigga

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