my partna just die man this shit got me stressed, dont tell me where to go
the folks just hit me my house like i'm sellin dope
i sad this rap game stressed
shawty i'm losin hope

ooohh ohhh oohhh ohhhh ohhh ohhh

shawty i'm losin hope
i bet they all dead... locked up in da feds
they wanna see me down... like a groundhog
yes, i appear.
straight on scene
drunk high and i am...rollin on beans
bitches all on me this that life my dawgs
they killed theses moss.
so much pain on me
grove street took a loss
so we gonna ball my dawgs
i will never change, rivedales in my vains
100 mil in my a's
nigga we not that some
out ma you wanna be's
fuck you wanna be's
never knew my father
so it aint son in me


i need the baddest bitches
wit the fattest ass
i need the fasted whip
wit the biggest rims
i need the loudest kush
i need brightest ice
theses nigga aint half as nice
bricksquad, you gun so ya life
i can't take no more lord tell me, will i make it to see thirty?
can i take some partna's out the hood?
they say my downfall is i wanna take all my homies out the hood
but if you turn my back on damn
they might to go jail or end up dead


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