I woke up this morning to find a place that i don't recognize
What happened to the world? when did the innocence die?
Who can help us? it can be too late.
We need a little piece of heaven
Right here, right now, there's gotta be a way

Let it be on earth as it is in heaven
Let the wars end and love win
The battle in the hearts of every man
Till we all stand as one under the sun
Let it be on earth as it is in heaven

They say in heaven a father never breaks a promise made
And up there in heaven a mother's tears never fall on her daughters grave
We'll be in heaven when this life is done
But until we get there
We're right here, so right now let your kingdom come

Father in heaven have we come to far
Let your will be done here
Let it start in my heart oh we need you lord
To be where we are

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