I just saw the most amazing sunset
Well i watched as it sank into the sea
And bid another day goodbye by myself
I heard a bird sing the most beautiful song
But for the life of me, i can't remember that melody
I just remember that i had to dance alone
Oh and the days go by so fast
And the memories
They never seem to last
And i'm quick to see all i don't have
I need to change the way i look at
All i look at

And soak it up
Every little bit i can
Enjoy all my day
Before all my days end
And whatever i get
Always let that be enough
And never forget to soak it up
Yeah, yeah

Cause i could get caught up in this crazy race
You know the world we live in leaves no room for second place
But i've got to believe there's more to life than winning
I ain't gonna miss out on
All the beauty in my life
Like my family and my friends and my wife
All the god given gifts that money can't buy
Oh cause the days go by so fast
And the memories they never seem to last
But i'm grateful for everything i have
Cause you've changed the way i look at
All i look at

Ain't gonna be living tomorrows
And missing today
Ain't gonna be making treasures out of things that fade away
No i'd rather be living every second
Living every minute of every single day
Oh i will

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