Travelin' down this lonesome railroad Silver Ribbons with no ends
A million miles a crossties mark a million miles I've been
I've picked peaches down in Georgia apples up in Maine
Pulled cotton out in Texas ridin' on the train

I was just a lad of seventeen my daddy turned me loose
Silver Ribbons callin' me engine and caboose
I can't recall my mother she left when I was two
Brunets blondes and red heads were the only love I knew
Don't ask me where I'm going don't ask me where I've been
Those Silver Ribbons will take me there there and back again
One more time back again

Travelin' to the tune of freight wheels is such a lonely sound
Hear that lonesome whistle blow as leavin' another town
I wish someone was waitin' somewhere to welcome me
Then those Silver Ribbons would see no more of me
Don't ask me where I'm going...

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