Verse 1:
Well you think that you can lie and tell me alibis
And it's alright
Keep the grapevine line working overtime
On your late nights
You think you can say some words,take away the hurt
And i'll still be your number one
But when it ain't working out we got a saying down South
Baby that dog won't hunt

Baby that dog won't hunt
So you can hang up your guns
Break my heart and then you want a new start
Baby that dog won't hunt

Verse 2:
Well it's been open season on your double dealing
And it's so wrong
I guess i've been a fool playing by the rules
For too long
Well i've been sitting here at home with the porchlight on
While you've been chasing everything that runs
Let me put this in your ear and make it be so clear
Baby that dog won't hunt

Chorus (x2).

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