For this son of mine was dead and now is alive again; he was lost and now is found.
So they began to celebrate." (Luke 15:24)

I know I'm the one who did the wrong
The days are hard and the night is long
I'm trying to find my way back home
Standing outside in the pouring rain
Feeling so cold and alone again
I need to know if You're still by my side

I want to feel Your embrace again
You're the only One I can call my friend

I'm coming home - back to where we began
The road is long but I can get back again
Divided we fall but together we stand
I'm coming home

There's only so much a man can take
Without forgiveness a heart will break
If You still love me, I need to know
So be my shelter from the storm
And take me back where it's safe and warm
And let me feel the touch of grace

I know how much of a fool I've been
But I'm praying for the chance to come back again

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