I found that just when I feel all alone
With nothing to really call my own
All my friends have left me stranded
And they've let me down... down on the ground

I found a hope that never fades away
No matter if it's night or day
I know He'll always be... be there for me

Someday this train is gonna head on down the line
And I pray it won't derail but get me there on time
Can't say what tomorrow brings but still I know You're mine
At the end of the line

And now that I found you I'm satisfied
Never believed that at the time
You could love someone like me

So lost in so much sin, You'll still let me in
And as we blaze on down the track of life
I'm so amazed, just at the sight

Of all that You have waiting for me
In Your hands... the Father's plan

It's easy to see, oh, it's all so plain to me
Oh, the reason I'm here is to take it to the street

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