Not everyone who calls Him Lord.
Is gonna walk down those streets of gold.
Many will say. Look at what I did.
He'll say. You were neither hot nor cold.

A tree that bears bad fruit will burn.
I want you to be without blame.
Your foundation better be on the rock.
We'll see who's playing games, gonna be a

Shakedown, I want to know where you stand.
Shakedown, Will you look to me and take my hand?
Shakedown, I want to know where you stand.

Where your treasure is there your heart will be.
Can't trust your wealth or your color TV
Can't serve God and money too.
Can't get to heaven by what you do.

He said I am the Way to God.
You'll have to go through me.
If you're not with me, then you're against me.
One day soon we'll see.

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