Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.
Sometimes you feel like your worlds spinnin'.
Round & round.
Just one thing that you're looking for.
Hungry for some love.
Tired of playin' the killin' floor.
The answer lies above.

Want someone to hold you, touch you inside.
Love that never turns away, doesn't run and hide.

Straight thru the heart.
Like an arrow shot from heaven.
God's love doesn't miss.
Straight thru the heart.
It'll hit you where you live.

Sometimes you're hot, feel like wild fire.
And your heart is walkin' on a high wire.
When your love comes tumblin' down.
Feel it crash and burn.
Hang your head in misery.
I'll tell you what i've learned.

Need someone to hold you, touch you inside.
God's love never turns alway.
Doesn't run and hide.

Now i know that ve been burned before.
You fell that love is unkind.
But now's the time to give him a chance.
And arrow of love is what you'll find.

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