I was kind of blind
And didn’t know what to do
Try to reveal or hide the whole truth?
Or keep this trouble going on?
Always thinking "i gotta leave it away"
On other hand it wouldn’t work anyway
It was too hard for me to say it, my friend
I’m wanna jump now!
And try to climb this ladder to the top
It may be hard or may be bad
I want to let those memories in the past
And feel some new sensations
I’m not wrong trying to heal the wound
I’m not wrong finding my way
I won’t stop in time because the only fact
"you’re no longer part of the game"
Always thinking "i gotta leave it away",
On other hand it wouldn´t work anyway
Was too hard for me to say it my friend
Chorus (1x)
Results of decisions
Are essential on future
There were advices
I was tired of lying
I really never wanted to hurt you
It’s true my friend
(true my friend)
And now i’ll carry on
And i know you will be fine
Chorus (1x)
You gonna jump now!

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