(so damn tough)
(so damn tough)
Everywhere we go downtown or to a show
We have two necessities Charlie Mack and our limo
He's feared by suckers yet he's loved by kids
Pay attention and let me tell you who Charlie Mack is
He is our homeboy from around the block
He's regarded through the city as the hip-hop cop
Height about 6'6", weight about 290
Everywhere I go Charlie Mack is right behind me
He never laughs, never smiles nor sweats
He doesn't breaks arms or legs, only spines or necks
He once killed a man cause he would not let go of his Ego
Apollo Creed is a sucker Charlie Mack could be Drago
He could bench about three hundred pounds
The cops all take a vacation, when Charlie's in town
He's the toughest around so everywhere that I go he goes
He's Charlie Mack and he's the first out the limo

(So damn tough)

I guess you're wondering why he's the first out the limo, yo,
let me give you this bit of info
So you'll know the things that Charlie can do and you'll know
every single reason why he's down with the crew
The limo picks us up about a half past six
With the radio blasting our latest hit
It's me Jeff Ready Rock, Omar and J.L.
Charlie Mack is up front as we depart the hotel
First we cause chaos throughout the city streets
Then maybe stop at Burger King for a bite to eat
And if somebody gets stupid while we're in the place
Charlie cancels his order and bites off their face
He's not a troublemaker in fact, he's a trouble breaker
And if somebody gets dumb, well it'll only take a second or two,
after some fools snaps
Law and order is restored by my hero Charlie Mack
Wheel off into the limo, and head for the jam
Charlie cracks all the knuckles, on both of his hands
And when we pull up to the show, the routine is unrehearsed
It's just natural that we let Charlie hop out first
He clears the crowd without saying a word man
That's the loudest silence I've ever heard
A lot of times guys test him, by trying to bug
He just, leaves ring imprints, all over their mugs
He's a terminator, a Hercules of sorts
Man to hell with chess, he likes physical sports
You may not have known before but now you know
The reason why Charlie Mack is the first out the limo

(So damn tough)

We'd like to apologise to all of our fans
But please don't touch us when we're at our jams
Cause Charlie don't like folks around us when we're doing a show
And if he punches you, uh-oh, better get Mako
Still you weak rap dudes tempers are hot
Just because I've got something that you ain't got
If you want to get physical, rowdy or try to bomb me
I won't get excited, I'll just say Yo Charlie
You should a been kind, you shouldn't have snapped
Charlie only hit you once and now you're taking a nap
And when he leaves you decapitated, crushed in the dust
You'll look up, and see your girl in the limo with us
You may think that's enough boy but I think not
Charlie kick his face again I think you missed a spot
I roll down the limo window and yell by the way eyes
You'll see your girl buck naked giving Charlie a massage
I'm serious I'm not joking no doubt
You know how many doubters' bones have been broken
You may not have known before but now you know
The reason why Charlie Mack is the first out the limo

Charlie Mack the first out the limo
He's Charlie Mack the first out the limo

In closing, we'd like to say this, to you bustas
If you're sceptical you'll probably get beat up, plus kid
Embarrassed and laughed at, by all of your friends
And if you cross Charlie Mack it's the beginning of the end
Of life as you know it, you might not die, sir
But if you're not dead, you'll wish you were
But if you still wanna bug out, homeboy let's go
You can bug with Charlie Mack cause he's the first out the limo

He's Charlie Mack and he's the first out the limo

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