I am keith b real story breaker keeping it real here I'm in some
chinese mans theatre and this brother is keeping it real damn
ridiculous this is belemptious we go people up here posing as
slaves and ice and everything this is ridiculous wait a minute
is that jada pinkett excuse me jada over here hi
Hey I'm keith b real keeping it real as usual I got some
questions I need to ask you girl
How long do you think this Will Smith hypothermia is gonna last
Uh hypothermia
Yea look it up man do you guys read
Well you know I think Will is very talented and I think he'll be
successful at anything he puts his mind too
Well I been checking out his vertebrae he don't look like he can
slang it like no man
Man I would tour your little ah
If you would have read my motivational tapes you wouldn't have
done that it talks about that on page thirty seven
Uh excuse me charlie mack please handle this
Charlie you need to stop grabbing up on me anyway this is keith
b real be right back

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