Try Again

There maybe days when things don't go right
And your shoes refuse to dance
To make the winds of fortune blow right
You might need a second chance

So if you get one try, and that don't fly
Stop, and count to ten
And if at first you don't succeed, Try Again

(try, try again try, try again)

Beginners luck is over rated
Once you blink its come and gone
The only way to cultivate it
Is to keep on keeping on,

So before you brag its in the bag
Double check and then
If at first you don't succeed yeah, Try Again

(try, try again) Yes, My Friend (try, try, try again)

Don't You Ever Stop No!

So if you try that climb one more time
You might hit the top!

Now if you find your bat at zero,
And the legends you are not
You can still wind up a hero
If you give it one more shot
If you don't give in you're gonna to win
The only question's when
So if at first you don't succeed, try again!

(try, try, try again)
Try Again yeah (try, try, try again)
Try, Try again (try, try, try again)
(try, try again)
Again and again and again yeah (try, try, try again)
Again and Again and Again yeah

Try again!

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