Theres a boat race down the river
Theres a slow boat on my mind
Everybody's going like crazy
I'm taking my own sweet time
I'll drift down to Big Shark River
Take a boat ride along the bay
Just trying to find
A little peace of mind
Down in the Everglades

There ain't gonna be no hurry
There ain't gonna be no rush
Just a lazy style like a crocodile
Playin' in the mangrove brush
I'll float on down the river
Let the speed boat speed away
I'll drift around making gator sounds
Down in the Everglades

While the big crowd down the rivers
Are gettin' drunk on sea grape wine
I'm gettin' high watchin' eagles fly
Havin' myself a time
Wet my whistle every now and then
With a sip of cool Gatorade
Watch the sun go down
And let the world go 'round
Down in the Everglades


I'll drift around
Makin' gator sounds
Down in the Everglades

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