Come with me through the doors
Of a Bayou barroom
There's a place God's angels don't go
Satans wolves all loom large

Over creatures only mad men know
Its Louisiana guard dog's nightmare
Cajuns don't say his name
But they say looks just like a rabid dog
And he walks upright like a man
Loup Garou Bal Goula
Loup Garou Bal Garou

Du bon temps danse pres du
feu ... ce soir

Black snake swim through the water
See spanish moss gently sway
Moon hangs yellow like a big gold coin
In the distance you can hear them sing
Shhh! See them playing on a big bass drum
It's made out of coon skin hide
Shhh, Shhh! See them shaking rattles fullof human teeth
Shaking them out of time

Sing child
Loup Garou Bal Goula
Du bon temps danse pres du
feu ... ce soir (repeat)

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