Don't waste time by complaining
They live like most others wouldn't dare
Sliding like snakes through the alleys
They're raising hell everywhere

Fighting so hard survive

One of the boys didn't make it
A subway rat shot him dead
The story goes on and on
With blood the streets are painted red

When they take to the streets
Look out
You better run and hide

Street-struttin' sinners
That promise to deliver
A night to fear for you life

Rough boys
Don't bring 'em down
They're not toys
You don't push 'em around
Rough boys
They'll put you deep underground
You'll never get out alive
When you're dealing with
The rough boys

They've got sweet talkin' honeys
With an eye for the finer things in life
Licking blood-red lips they speak their minds
With a flash of knife

Over here, over there
Running fast, running scared
Watch out
No time to spare

Rough boys are in town
They'll turn it upside down
The fight goes on
To again a piece of ground

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